SEO Consultant Timperley 

Google Ads  

Google Maps - Website Creation - Local Business Optimisation 

13+ years experience making websites, ranking them in Google, plus using Google and Facebook Ads 

SEO services in Timperley, Hale, Hale Barns, Sale and Altrincham.

One-Stop Shop for Your Online Presence 

100% focus on getting your business maximum sales and leads online

Step 1 - Website

Build a website which fits your brand and industry. 

Google loves my websites as they run fast and work on all devices.

Step 2 - SEO

Search engine optimisation. Technical on-site SEO and off-site SEO work.

To get your website to the top of Google Search.

Step 3 - Local

Local optimisation for your business on Google Maps.

This is like free SEO in Hale, Timperley, Sale, Altrincham.

Plus listings on sites like Facebook and Yell.

Step 4 - Advertising

Google Ads campaign to get guaranteed visitors immediately. 

Plus Facebook Ads if it suits your industry. I am a Timperley SEO expert but also have experience with Facebook Ads.

Leads and Sales Optimisation

for businesses that need digital marketing in Timperley, Hale, Altrincham, Sale, Bowden and Trafford

Split testing layouts, content and ads until we get you the most optimized online business 

My name is Matthew Mayer and I have been in the business of SEO and web design since 2008. I have vast experience making sure websites are technically optimised for Google and setup up perfectly to get the most visitors, who will turn into leads or sales. I am an SEO consultant in Timperley, or you could say an SEO expert.

Now I am offering a one-stop shop where everything can be done with myself, a mini boutique SEO company. From your domain name, website creation, to getting your business out there at the top of Google and optimising for more leads. This is the easiest way to get a decent website with personal service and a focus on sales.

Click here to see the range of templates I use when starting a site. The colours and layout can be changed.