Copywriting Help for SEO and Conversions

copywriting SEO help

Our new kittens helped keep me entertained when learning about copywriting and SEO. 😉

Get more conversions with good copywriting whilst maintaining sound SEO practices. 

My SEO work is top tier, literally most clients are near or at the top of Google. I have been doing this around 15 years, so that is not boasting. On the contrary, this post is to address a weakness - copywriting.

Some websites I manage or assist with don't get as many conversions as they can. Therefore, I have started a quest to improve my writing by researching copywriting, so that my clients get the best of both worlds - SEO to bring in quality Google traffic. Plus well written titles, headings and text so help them get more sales or leads.

This page will be one that changes in time, but after 10 days or so of research, I feel I have discovered enough good stuff to make a page about it.

Copywriting Udemy Course:

Here is a course I like (not an affiliate link):  

It is by a fairly old British dude (who is also into SEO). It is very clear and he obviously speaks from great experience. Compared to all the youngsters on YouTube, this is a welcome solid grounding.

Free content from a copywriting industry expert:

In an SEO circle I am am member of, there was a very good recommendation: Joanna Wiebe. You can find some of her content at these links: 

A Good website for copywriting content:

Also, I started reading the Swipe-Worthy website, which has some useful pages like this 

Is YouTube good for learning about copywriting? 

Random YouTube videos were mostly bad. Lots of people regurgitating obvious advice, or pre-selling something. And the never ending subscriber begging seemed to be in every video.

The best tip on YouTube (out of 15 or so videos), was to keep it simple and stick to one angle/benefit. A big reason I am writing this is so people don't waste time on YouTube, which can be useful at other times. 

Audible Copywriting books:

I have downloaded and started listening to 3 audiobooks that are included with UK Audible membership, which you will see if you type in Copywriting.

One was quite poor and I have only just started the other two, so I will get into details in a future update to this page. I think the one I didn't like is The Copywriter's Handbook, which I found overly simple. 

My next monthly credit will be due soon, so I will probably look up a high quality book to buy and then mention here.

Actions taken so far in my quest to marry copywriting and SEO:

I have started making pages less cluttered. With the help of an extra tab in WooCommerce. Also an FAQ plugin in WordPress. Big blocks of text (ironically like this page), are boring and won't keep people engaged.

I also added a table of contents plugin to make long pages less daunting. It makes headings into index points, which could also prove to be an SEO benefit if Google indexes the different points. It is something I have done manually in the past.

This week also happened to be when I installed a "date last edited plugin", which I like the look of on old posts. It makes me want to update content more often and I think Google likes updated pages (i.e. it could help rankings).

But I still need to finish researching the above links before I start re-writing stuff. I expect to be re-writing most page titles and important headings. Plus lots of content will probably be culled or moved into a tab not visible at first e.g. with a read more... link.